Tartares – small or BIG

Beef tartar 90g/180g 145,-/245,-
from quality beef meat, mixed and seasoned by us, toasts (1,3)  
Cheese with pink pepper 90g/180g 115,-/185,-
perfectly balanced combination of three cheeses with shallot, pink pepper, sweet pepper and dijon mustard, herb baguettes (1,3,7)  
Eggplant with sheep cheese 90g/180g 105,-/165,-
with sheep cheese, garlic, chilli pepper and olive oil, herb baguettes (1,3,7)  
Salmon with wasabi 90g/180g 135,-/235,-
fresh salmon with wasabi, shallots, lemon juice and capers, herb baguette (1,3,4,7)  
 Tratar variation 200g  245,-
Big variation of our tartars, herb baguettes (1,3,4,7,10)   


Mushroom soup 72,-
creamy soup with forest mushrooms with a dash of pumpkin seed oil (1,7)  
Goulash soup 65,-
traditional Czech soup with meat, potatoes and fresh marjoram (1)  
Beef broth with liver dumpling 65,-
strong beef broth with vegetables and baked liver dumplings (1,3)  

Homemade PASTA

Spaghetti “Ala Tagliata" 120g 245,-
fresh pasta with slice beef nevel, cherry tomatoes, rozmary, green pepper, rukola,   
olive oil and parmesan cheese (1,3,7)  
Spaghetti Carbonara 120g 192,-
fresh pasta with baked bacon, yolks, cheese and pepper (1,3,7)  

From our grandmother’s cookbook

Baked duck ½ 900g 345,-
duck roasted with cumin, red cabbage with apples, homemade bacon dumplings (1,3,7)  
Barley risotto with mushrooms 168,-
creamy risotto with wild mushrooms, shallots and goat cheese (1,7)  
Pork schnitzel 200g 240,-
pork schnitzel fried in lard, potatoe Vienesse salad (1,3,7)  
Tenderloin in cream 200g 189,-
beef meat roasted with vegetables, cream sauce, cranberries, bread dumplings (1,3,7,10)  
Fried cheese 150g 195,-
fried cheese in breadcrumbs, boiled potatoes with butter and parsley, homemade tartar sauce (1,3,7)  
Meat and black pudding sausage 240g 169,-
sausage our butcher, beer mustard, fresh horseradish (1,3,7,10)  
Pork chop with bone 350g 329,-
marinated in Pilsner beer and garlic  

From our Grill

Pork tenderloin 250g 295,-
wrapped in bacon, creamy mushroom sauce (7)
Recommended side dish: mashed potatoes (7)
Beef steak 250g 425,-
grilled steak from beef navel, strong beef demi-glace (7)
Recommended side dish: mashed potatoes with parsley (7)
Norwegian salmon 200g 365,-
grilled salmon, peas with cherry tomatoes (4,7)
Recommended side dish: mashed potatoes (7)

KNUCKLE, ribs, wings

Pork knuckle 1pcs aprox. 1200g 285,-
baked knuckle with cumin, garlic and onion
Recommended side dish: garlic bread (1,3,7)
Beef rib “Buffalo” 600g 265,-
roasted rib in barbeque marinade with corn on the cob, Mexican chips with blue cheese and mango chilli sauce (1,7)
Recommended side dish: mashed potatoes with parsley (7)
Beer ribs 600g 235,-
grilled pork ribs marinated in beer with fresh vegetables and blue cheese and barbecue sauce (7)
Recommended side dish: garlic bread (1,3,7)
Honey chicken wings 9pcs 189,-
chicken wings marinated in honey with walnuts, corn chips, fresh vegetables, blue cheese and barbeque sauce (5,7)
Recommended side dish: garlic bread (1,3,7)
Chicken wings “Louisiana” 9pcs 175,-
chicken wings flavored with Sweet & Sour and spicy sauce with fresh Louisiana vegetables, corn on the cob, homemade mayonnaise and barbecue sauce (3,10)
Recommended side dish: bacon potatoe fries


Fried apple in pastry 135,-
apple fried in puff pastry, cinnamon and vanilla cream (1,3,7)  
Real Czech éclair 68,-
dipped in chocolate, filled with chocolate liquere, homemade and Paris cream (3,7)  
Poppy mousse 125,-
fine poppy - cream mousse with strawberry sauce (1,3,7)  
Key Lime Pie 145,-
lime cream on butter corps, with whipped cream with cane sugar (1,3,7)  

Salads and Vegetables

“Caesar” 150g 195,-
romaine lettuce with “Caesar” dressing, grilled breast of corn-fed chicken, bacon and croutons (1,4,7,10)  
Seasonal salad 135,-
fresh vegetables with herbal dressing  
Farm salad 175,-
cherry tomatoes with peppers, buttered corn, cucumber, green leaf, peas, roasted bacon, smoked ham, potato chips and fried egg (3)  
Black lentil with duck breast 150g 225,-
great combination of smoked duck breast and black “Beluga” lentil with balsamico,honey, peppers, cherry tomatoes and broccolli  
Variation of grilled vegetables 175,-
with baked mushrooms filled with goat cheese, pumpkin seeds and sea salt (7)  


Beef scewer 250g 425,-
beef sirloin marinated in a four-color pepper, roasted red pepper, onion and homemade bacon
Recommended side dish: bacon potatoe fries
Pork scewer 250g 295,-
pork tenderloin marinated with tarragon mustard, wrapped in bacon, red onion, beer sausage, roasted peppers and crispy potato (10)
Recommended side dish: garlic bread (1,3,7)
Chicken scewer 250g 275,-
chicken breast marinated in lemon olive oil, mushrooms, roasted red pepper, zucchini and onions (7)
Recommended side dish: mashed potatoes

from our farmers

Rabbit Fillets 180g 295,-
rabbit fillets, spinach with onion and garlic,potato dumplings with breadcrumbs (1,3,7)  
Veal liver 200g 275,-
grilled veal liver with roasted homemade bacon, roasted apples, fried french fries, homemade tartar sauce (3,10)  
Grilled corn-feed chicken 250g 215,-
grilled boneless chicken thighs, carrots, parsnip mash (7)  


“Our beef” burger 200g 265,-
mince beef neck, roasted bacon, cheddar, caramelized onions in red wine, bacon potato french fries, vegetable sticks with cheese sauce (1,3,7,10)  
“Our chicken” burger 200g 255,-
grilled boneless chicken thighs, roasted bacon, cheddar, caramelized onions in red wine, bacon potato french fries, vegetable sticks with cheese sauce (1,3,7,10)  
"Our pork" burger 200g 260,-
jerked pork leg, in spicy sauce of onion, tomatoes, pepper and fresh chilli, roasted bacon, home mayonnais, bacon potato French fries, vegetable sticks with cheese sauce (1,3,7,10)   

The best with beer

One meter sausage 250g 215,-
one meter our paprika sausage, beer mustard, fresh horseradish (1,7)  
Pickled cheese 120g 95,-
our secret recipe (1,3,7)  
Our “utopenec” 120g 95,-
marinated czech sausage with white onion, pickled onion and chilli (1,3,7)  
Cheese board 200g 235,-
beer cheese on toast, cheese tartare, pickled cheese, sheep cheese, pepper chutney, herb baguette (1,3,7)  
Beer brawn 150g 119,-
brawn with beer vinaigrette of red onion  

For little boys and girls

Pork schnitzel with mashed potatoes 100g (1,3,7) 125,-
Spaghetti with tomatoes and cheese (1,3,7) 95,-
Beef sirloin in cream sauce, bread dumplings 100g (1,3,7,10) 125,-

Side dishes

Boiled potatoes (7) 48,-
Bacon potatoes fries 58,-
Mashed potatoes with parsley (7) 58,-
Mashed potatoes (7) 58,-
French fries 58,-
Czech potatoe “šišky” (1,3,7) 58,-
Bread dumplings (1,3,7) 45,-
Potato dumplings (1,3,7) 58,-
Corn on the cob (7) 68,-
Garlic bread (1,3,7) 58,-
Fried bread (1,3,7) 25,-
Potato salad (3,9,10) 68,-
Grilled vegetables (7) 95,-